Help in registering companies in Cyprus

Establishment of companies in Cyprus
Cyprus – the favorite place of Aphrodite – fabulous, friendly, safe and surprising.

Cyprus – an EU country, or rather an island, located at a strategic point where the trade routes of Europe, Africa and Asia intersect, a country in which the tax system is one of the most favorable tax planning goals among all tax systems of countries belonging to the European Union. Cyprus – is a country that offers a number of legal and tax benefits based on EU directives and international regulations. Friendly internal regulations geared to stimulating the economy and attracting foreign investments make Cyprus an ideal place for running a business and investing capital. Very well developed infrastructure of the island, a legal system based on Anglo-Saxon law, high standard of specialized services, low maintenance costs, investment security and numerous tax benefits such as 10% – the lowest income tax rate in the entire European Union. Cyprus is a country where the skilful use of capital structures guarantees entrepreneurs transparency and security of their business.

Owning a Cypriot company gives you the right to take advantage of privileges resulting from 45 agreements on the avoidance of double taxation concluded by Cyprus, as well as from tax exemptions provided for in EU directives.

A company founded in Cyprus is a business transfer to a tax jurisdiction with lower tax rates – avoiding double dividend taxation – providing the investor with anonymity and thus a secure nominee service – guaranteeing quick access to additional, non-standard documents enabling the Cypriot company to operate in other countries – location of funds in a secure banking system – a very high level of confidentiality and data security – the obligation to keep accounting in the international IAS standard.

  • Dividend tax 0%
  • Capital gains tax 0%
  • Sales tax of shares / stocks / etc. 0%
  • Tax on royalties 0% \ Income tax on a Cypriot non-resident company (managed from outside Cyprus) 0%
  • Income tax on operations in Cyprus 0% – 12.5%

We offer assistance in setting up a company in Cyprus. We work with one of the best companies “Chartered Accountants” in Paphos. Full service and service of the Cypriot company. We also offer assistance in settling in Cyprus and related formalities. This is the so-called Cypriot residency and being subject to all Cypriot laws.

Estimated costs of establishing a Cyprus company:

  • Incorporation / all certificates confirmed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order (APOSTILLE) – 1 350.00 Euro
  • Director (president) – Cyprus resident (annual fee) – 500.00 Euro
  • Secretary (annual fee) – 250.00 Euro
  • Registered company address (annual fee) – 250.00 Euro
  • Nominated Shareholders of the company (annual fee) – 250.00 Euro
  • Opening a bank account (one-time payment) – 350.00 Euro
  • Annual report – 125.00 Euro
  • Registrar Of Companies (once a year fee) – 350.00 Euro
  • Accounting (to be determined after talking to an accountant and depending on the number of documents)
  • Audit (to be determined after talking to an accountant).

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