Why Cyprus?

Someone will ask:
We have several reasons why it is worth visiting Cyprus and Paphos in particular.

Cyprus is the magic of many shades of blue sea, beautiful views, wonderful nature and unusual monuments.
Even for people who do not like sightseeing, there will be something interesting, such as the beautiful mosaics in Paphos, or unique banana plantations.

Cyprus is a mysterious and beautiful island, about which various legends and myths circulate today. Everyone who comes to her draws attention to the blue of the sea and sky, citrus fruits, abundance of flowers and Cypriot cats that can be found at every step. There are places to see, places like the church of Agios Lazaros in Larnaca. Salt lake – where in the winter tens of thousands of flamingos form flaming pink herds. Choirokoitia, Limassol, the ruins of the ancient city of Kourion, mosaics in Paphos, the castle of St. Hilarion, a mosaic of cultures in Famagusta, Salamina. Great excitement will be provided by a trip to the Trodos mountains to the Byzantine churches and Orthodox monasteries inscribed on the UNESCO list. It is here, on the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, emerged near the rock of Petra tou Romiou, and Cyprus became her kingdom. Why Cyprus?. Because nowhere else will we find such a huge amount of great history, so many monuments, beautiful weather and a warm, clean sea. If we add very friendly Cypriots, great and varied cuisine, ripe fruit and vegetables, the best olive oil, we have a great answer to this question.


Cyprus is famous for its beautiful and clean beaches, as many as 50 of them have obtained the Blue Flag certificate. The sign is allowed to use bathing and marina that meet the standards for environmental protection. Turquoise water, beautiful beaches with golden sand, as well as virgin fragments of the coast with picturesque views, is a showcase of the kingdom of Aphrodite. Sunny weather and high temperatures also after the season make it possible to sunbathe in Cyprus for most of the year.

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Cypriots consider eating meals as one of the most important elements of life. Especially in the evenings they gather in cafes and restaurants to spend a great time with friends and acquaintances.

With good wine and colorful, well-seasoned meze-type dishes, cannelloni or pita play until dawn.


The cultural heritage, which is over 9,000 years old, makes the Cypriots a very proud nation. We can look at their local traditions and customs especially during special occasions. One of the most expressive customs in Cyprus is the hospitality that strikes everyone’s eyes on daily basis. The inhabitants of the island of Aphrodite take their hospitality principle very seriously. The newcomer will be invited for a tasty meal, if during the tour he will be offered a piece of fresh bread, and if the meeting is also associated with a positive transaction – happily his thirst will be able to quench with good lemonade. Cypriots like children very much, families arriving here , because of their children, can count on the kindness of the residents, and the wealth of various attractions will certainly make holidays more enjoyable for everybody.


Cyprus is the perfect place for lovers. For many, it is called the Island of Love. A favorite place by Aphrodite, whose museum is in Paphos. Romantic sunsets and exclusive apartments make Cyprus an ideal place for engagement or honeymoon.


The number of attractions makes everyone find something for themselves. For the tired, beautiful beaches for those who like activity, the possibility of fishing from boats, rental of bicycles, scooters, for bold diving or skiing both in water and on the snow. Yes, we were not wrong. In the Troodos mountains from January to March there is enough snow for white madness.

Average air temperature

The highest daily air temperatures during the warmest months of the year (July and August) reach the lowland value from 27 ° C to 36 ° C and about 22 ° C in the Troodos mountains. In January, the coldest month of the year, the average highest temperature is 10 ° C in the lowland and 3 ° C in the upper Troodos chains, the average lowest day temperatures are 5 ° C and 0 ° C respectively.

Temperature of water

From June to November, the open water temperature is above 22 ° C and rises up to 27 ° C in August. Even in the three coldest months, from January to March, average water temperatures maintain a pleasant value of 16 ° C and even 17 ° C near the shore.